Book-keeping, VAT and Payroll Services

We can maintain your business book-keeping records, and prepare VAT Returns and file them online on your behalf.


We use Sage Accounts software and are therefore very experienced in dealing with the practical day-to-day issues that can arise in this respect. Therefore, if you are using Sage to keep your own accounting records, we can help with posting queries or problems and the like, and will probably have come across a similar problem before. Sage's own helplines are very good, but we can help specifically from an accountancy rather than just software based viewpoint.


We can also advise on record-keeping if you are using other software, or manual systems.


We operate a payroll bureau and can process your business payroll on a monthly or weekly basis. Again, we use Sage Payroll software, but we are familiar with other payroll software as well.


We can also deal with Construction Industry Scheme ( CIS ) online returns of payments to sub-contractors, and make sure that filing deadlines are met every month, so avoiding costly HMRC penalties.


We understand how payroll and CIS issues fit into the wider scheme of things with regard to the overall accounts position of your business, and we tailor our advice on these areas with this in mind.