Accounting and Business Advice

We prepare year-end accounts for all types of businesses including Limited Companies, LLP's, Self-Employed Sole Traders and Partnerships.


We can also produce Management Accounts and supporting information on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Year-end accounts are of course necessary to comply with Companies House and Tax Office requirements and will generally form the basis of the Tax Return entries for a business, whether you operate as a Limited Company, an LLP, or as a Sole Trader or Partnership. Whenever appropriate though, we like to take the opportunity to pick up on issues highlighted by accounts work, to provide business advice on related areas. This could be "positive", for example suggesting alternatives that could save business costs or tax, or "negative" in the sense that we might suggest you modify some aspects of your business to avoid problems in the future.


We can offer business advice on a whole range of areas, possibly to complement information you have received from other advisers.


Please feel free to contact us with any accounting or business related queries. In all likelihood, we will have come across something similar from our past experience that will help us to point you in the right direction.